How do I build my web site and are there any restrictions or limitations?

There are several ways you can build your web site:

  • For beginners we offer an online web site builder, including our Flash Template Collection with our Starter, Value and Monster hosting plans, for creating your web site. The web site builder makes developing your web site easy even if you know absolutely nothing about creating web pages. You start by selecting from the dozens of layouts and color schemes offered. Then you edit the text and pictures to include your specific messages. You can even change colors, backgrounds and layouts and add various design elements and features as explained in our online User Guide. It's the fastest way for anyone, no matter their level of understanding, to build their own web site.

  • For experienced users:
  • You can use our templates or FTP upload, with our Starter, Value and Monster hosting plans, your site using your own web site design software. You can use any web page building program as long as it saves the file extensions as ".html" or ".htm".
  • You can integrate the Flash Template Collection, with our Starter, Value and Monster hosting plans, into your web pages which you built with your own web site design software.

    The "magic" behind the template system is that for every html page the system creates it creates a parallel file with a "wnmf" extension. As such, our hosting service will show either HTML pages that you create or HTML pages created by the template system. However, once you edit an HTML page created by the template system through your own software (i.e. outside of our template system), you can no longer use the template system to edit it further.

  • Please be aware there are:

  • There are certain items not supported.
  • Certain restrictions on what type of sites you can put.
  • Certain requirements for your computer system in order to create a web site.